Fenugreek seed extract


  • 4-Hydroxyisoleucine


    Brief introduction:  4-hydroxyisoleucine is a non-protein amino acid which exists in fenugreek plants, mainly in fenugreek seeds, with the effect of promoting the insulin secretion. In addition, 4-hydroxy-isoleucine could enhance the creatine entering into the muscle cells. It could improve the muscle strength and lean muscle mass, and promote the strength and size of muscle cells. 4-hydroxyisoleucine has been scientifically shown to increase carbohydrate storage in muscle cells while decreas...
  • Fenugreek Total Saponins

    Fenugreek Total Saponins

    Brief introduction:  Fenugreek seed is the seed of leguminous plants Trigonellafoenum—graecum L The dried mature seed of Fenugreek is included in chinese pharmacopoeia as commonly used traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it is excellent plant resource that has the concomitant function of bothmedicine and foodstuff. The total steroidal saponins, particularly its major steroidal sapogenin (diosgenin), are the main active principles of Fenugreek seed extract. The steroidal saponins exist in Fenu...
  • Furostanol Saponins

    Furostanol Saponins

    Brief introduction:  Furostanol saponins exist in the plants of fenugreek saponin, it could keep a healthy  testosterone level of body by stimulating the body to produce luteinizing hormone and dehydroepiandrosterone.It has been used to improve male performance, and to stimulate the muscle growth. Both effects are due to its effect of promoting the test. levels. The present study indicates that its main components, Furostanol saponins, formerly diosgenin saponin, plays a decisive role in the ...


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