Rosemary extract


  • Rosemary Oleoresin extract

    Rosemary Oleoresin extract

    Brief introduction:  Rosemary Extract (Liquid), also known as Rosemary Oil Extract or ROE is an oil soluble, natural, stable (high temperature durable), non-toxic liquid and mainly used to retard rancidity in natural oils, it can also be added into the oil and fatty food, functional food, cosmetics and so on. Its potent antioxidant properties are attributed in large part to carnosic acid, one of its major constituents. Rosemary Extract (Liquid) is available with varying levels of carnosic aci...
  • Rosmarinic Aic

    Rosmarinic Aic

    Brief introduction:  Rosmarinic acid is considered to be a natural, efficient and stable (high temperature durable), security, non-toxic and none-side-effects, water-soluble antioxidant and a green food additive. Research shows that, rosemary acid has a strong effect to neutralize Free Radicals. Its antioxidant activity is stronger than vitamins E. It also has broad-spectrum antimicrobial, antivirus, anti-inflammation, antitumor, anti-platelet aggregation and thrombosis, antiangiogenic, antid...
  • Ursolic Acid

    Ursolic Acid

    Brief introduction:  Ursolic acid is a kind of natural triterpenoids,which support the sedating, anti-inflammatory& antibacterial properties, it also helpful for fighting ulcer, keeping healthy glucose, lowering blood fat, and enhancing immune.Ursolic acid has the function as strong natural antioxidant, so it is widely used in medicine, cosmetics materials, food and emulsifier. Specification:25%, 50%, 90%, 98% HPLC Description: yellow green to fine white powder Solvent Used: Water, Ethano...
  • Carnosic Acid

    Carnosic Acid

    Brief introduction: Carnosic acid is considered to be a natural, efficient and stable (high temperature durable),security, non-toxic and none-side-effects, oil-soluble antioxidants and a green food additive. It can be added into oil and fatty food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and feed, etc. In addition to delay the onset of oxidation process of oil and fatty food, improve the stability of the food and extend the storage time, and be used as meat and fish sauce, it also has good physic...
  • Rosemary essential oil

    Rosemary essential oil

    Brief introduction:  Rosemary Essential Oil is extracted from leaf of Rosemary(Rosmarinus officinalisLinn.) by the steam distillation technical, it has been used as spice with a long history and considered to be one of the traditional spices wildly used in Europe counties and the United States. Main components:α-pinene,1,8-ineole,verbenone,borneol,camphene,camphor,β-pinene. Specification: 100% Aroma: With Rosemary oil unique sweet aroma Specific gravity: 0.894-0.912 Description: Light yellow ...


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