Geneham C320-U LiverPro helps to regulate blood glucose & improve metabolic disorder syndrome in Large mouth bass


Geneham C320-U LiverPro helps to regulate blood glucose & improve metabolic disorder syndrome in Large mouth bass

According to statistics, the annual output of Large mouth bass in China is about 619, 000 tons in 2020, and it is expected to reach 1,000,000 tons by 2024. Large mouth bass has become the most important fresh water aquatic products in China.

Whats the biggest hassle for fish farmers during the large mouth bass breeding ? We checked with many fish farmers and find the answer is "Metabolic disorder syndrome". Metabolic disorder syndrome in Large mouth bass is caused by over feeding/nutrition and metabolic dysfunction, results in overburdened liver which leads to liver disease, systematic ongoing inflammation and low immunity, such as white liver, hepatomegaly and hydrohepatosis etc. In addition to environmental stress, e.g. bacteria, viruses and excessive breeding density, it develops into rotten skin, rotten body, epidermal bleeding and other symptoms, or even widespread death, cause huge economic losses to fish farmers.

On May 16, 2022, the 5th Large mouth bass industrial forum was held at Huaguan Junhao hotel in huarong, Yueyang, Hunan Geneham re-launched its knock-out product C320-U Liverpro to improve the metabolic disorder syndrome in large mouth bass. The special report from Dr. Zhou Yingjun-- professor of Middlesouth university, CEO of Geneham explained in detail: why are large mouth bass is born to be diabetes? How does high starch feed cause liver problems in large mouth bass? What LiverPro can do to improve metabolic syndrome?...

Thanks to the existing clients’ positive feedbacks to our LiverPro, which attract many new clients and fish farmers actively participate our trial use.

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(Pic.1)Geneham CEO Dr. Zhou Yingjun, general manager Mr. Chen Yanhong and department leader of Agricultural and animal husbandry Mr. Li Zhengfei participate the 5th Large mouth Bass industrial forum.

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(Pic 2) Report from Dr. Zhou Yingjun

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(Pic. 3)Geneham C320-U LiverPro

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(Pic. 4) The swelling and white liver of Large mouth bass has been improved after using Geneham LiverPro

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(Pic 5)New clients and fish farmers participate our trial use at the forum.

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