Clinical Application of Mulberry Leaf Extract on Viral Diseases in Laying Hens


Clinical Application of Mulberry Leaf Extract on Viral Diseases in Laying Hens

1.Objective: To verify Mulberry leaf extract’s strong anti-viral properties, this clinical application validation experiment was specially carried out on a group of laying hens with suspected virus infection
2. Materials: Mulberry leaf extract (DNJ content 0.5%), provided by Hunan Geneham Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
3. Site: In Guangdong XXX Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (Chicken house: G19, Batch: G1909, Day-old: 293-303) from 18 to 28 September, 2020.
4. Methods: 14,000 suspected virus infected laying hens were chose in a 10 consecutive days feeding trial with addition of DNJ (0.5%) 200g/ton feeding, to observe and record the production performance indexes of laying hens. The feeding management as per routine management of the chicken house and no other drugs were added during this experiment.
5. Results: see Table 1

Table 1 The improvement of dietary Mulberry leaf extract on productivity in Laying hens

Production Phase Average laying rate% Unqualified egg rate % Average egg weight, g/egg The average mortality number Per day
10 days before the experiment 82.0 19.6% 59.6 71
10 days during the experiment 81.6 15.0% 60.0 58
One week after the experiment 84 17.1% 60.1 23

Table 1 results show that:
5.1 The mortality number is 71hens/day before diet and lowered to 23hens/day after diet Mulberry leaf extract 200g/ton feeding.
Notes: The average mortality number is 7.1 hens/day before treatment and it be controlled after three consecutive days dietary with mulberry leaf extract 200g/ton, but there is subsequent reiteration on the mortality number. Thus, suggest to deliver a high dosage for the first 3days to control the mortality number quickly and maintain a concentration dosage in order to further clear the virus. Specific effective dosage (300g / 400g / 500g / 600g / 700g / 800g / 900g?) needs to be verified by further combination with clinical application.
5.2 Mulberry leaf extract can effectively control the declination of laying rate caused by virus infection. Due to the repeated break out of disease during the treatment, the laying rate increased slightly but not significantly, and increased 2% 10days after mulberry leaf extract withdrawal. High dosage during the first 3days and drinking agent is suggested.
5.3 The dietary with mulberry leaf extract 200g/ton feeding helps to promote the egg weight; the egg weight increasing is 0.5g/pc after treatment.
5.4 Mulberry leaf extract can effectively reduce the number of unqualified eggs caused by virus infection. The rate of unqualified eggs is 19.6%before treatment, 15.0% during treatment and 17.1% after treatment.

It can thus be concluded that: 10 consecutive days dietary with mulberry leaf extract 200g/ton feeding is effective on helping to keep laying hens away from viral disease, maintain the livability rate, promote the productivity, raise the egg weight and reduce the unqualified egg rate, it is worth to be applied widely.

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