NaturAntiox rosemary extract


Product Details & Functions
NaturAntiox® are extracted from rosemary, rosemary and its extract is one kind of green feed additive,which had antibacterial,anti-inflammatory ,anti-oxidant, improving feed efficiency and other functions in poultry and pet diatry for replacing traditional antibiotics, like TBHQ, Chlortetracycline (CTC) 、Ethoxyquin and so on.

Rosmarinic acid and carnosic acid , extracted from rosemary, as a natural antioxidants can :
Improve feed hygiene quality, optimize intestinal flora, reduce pathogenic bacteria &prevent inflammation & Diarrhea maintain intestinal health,
Improve immunity and promote health of livestock & poultry, reduce the use of antibiotics.
The unique aroma of rosemary extract can induce food intake and promote growth .
The unique ingredients from rosemary can make animal quiet, reducing energy loss .

Appearance Characters:Green and yellow powder or light yellow liquild

Usage:with feed.

Usage amount: 300 grams per ton, can be added for long-term use

Storage:Store in cool, dry, dark, packaged