GeneFenu Fenugreek seed extract


GeneFenu® are extracted from fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek is a leguminous medicinal herb,which are rich source of plant protein、 gum、fiber、alkaloids、
flavonoids、saponins and volatile content. Human and
animal studies have shown that extracted from its seeds

√ Can improve nutrient digestibility –up to 4%
√ Improve the feed absorption rate and feed efficiency –up to 4%
√ Reduce ammonia emission –up to 38% and the
consumption of intestinal flora to feed,
√ Increase the weight gain of chickens (especially breast, thigh and caves),
√ Improve milk production of lactating cows (dairy goats).-up to 13%
√ No effect on milk ingredients,
√ Improve the growth rate of beef cattle (meat goats) and meat quality and flavor,
√ Improve animal production performance and meet the economic benefits of Farmers


Appearance Characters: Brown and yellow powder
Usage: with feed
Usage Amount :150g per ton, for sows、weaning pigs 、
broiler chickens、 fish and young ruminants like cow 、
goats, can be added for 6 weeks
Storage: Store in cool、dry、dark、packaged
Package: 25kg/Drum

Mechanism of action


Post time: Jan-07-2021


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