GeneFenu Fenugreek Furostanol Saponins


Introduction & Backgrounds

Fenugreek seed is a traditional Chinese herb which is included in Chinese Pharmacopoeia, it has been used to help maintaining a healthy liver, regulate blood sugar and fat,keep adequate blood supply to brain over hundreds and thousands years. It contains hundreds of phytochemical constituents, including saponins, amino acids, alkaloids which will help with the human health. GeneFenu® is a branded fenugreek seed extract developed by Geneham, it includes natural extracts obtained through a special extracting process and mainly standardized with Furostanol Saponins & 4-Hydroxyisolecine, which is valuable for the male performance enhancement &health glucose support

GeneFenu® Furostanol Saponins

✓  Improve healthy levels of free testosterone

✓  help support men’s overall performance

✓  Supports muscle mass & healthy energy level

✓  helps speed up recovery after workouts

✓  Animal & Clinical study supported

GeneFenu® Active Components

GeneFenu® Furostanol Saponins contains both furostanol saponins and other types of Steroidal Saponins, those saponins appears to works by stimulating the hypothalamus to produce corticotropin releasing hormone CRH, which then acts on the production of hormone ACTH, then ACTH acts on the adrenal cortex to raise androgen levels, which are then converted into testosterone. The increase of the free testosterone levels will help to enhance the male sexual performance and energy level.

Standard Specifications

Appearance: Fine brown powder

Active Component:50%-70% Furostanol Saponins

Solubility: Soluble in water

Solvent Used: Ethanol and/or water

Solvent Residue: EU/USP regulations

Pesticides Residue: EU/USP regulations

Heavy Metal: EU/USP regulations

Microorganism: EU/USP regulations

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GeneFenu® Efficacy Study Results

Geneham Pharmaceutical has done experiments on animals to observe GeneFenu® Furostanol saponins’ effect on  serum testosterone level promoting, energy boosting and survival time of normobaric hypoxia extending in experimental white mice. The results show furostanol saponins with high, middle dose group can significantly aid in keeping a higher testosterone level in blood serum

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